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This page describes the various ways software can interact with the CMD2RDF triple store.

SPARQL endpoint

A SPARQL endpoint is available at: /cmd2rdf/sparql. The endpoint follows the query operation of the W3C SPARQL protocol recommendation. This means that a SPARQL query can be send to the service using a query parameter using a GET request, or in the body of a POST request. Using HTTP content negotiation many common RDF representations can be requested.

RESTful interface

Each CMD record is stored in its own RDF graph. Using a RESTful interface these graphs can be requested. For example: /cmd2rdf/graph/Meertens_Institute_Metadata_Repository/oai_meertens_knaw_nl_http_hdl_handle_net_10744_mi_49bcbc44_9f39_48f9_be1a_4e7cce1559eb.rdf. Also here HTTP content negotiation allows to retrieve many common RDF representations.

Each record is contained in a directory that indicates its provider, e.g., Meertens_Institute_Metadata_Repository in the example above. Using the provider URL, e.g., /cmd2rdf/graph/Meertens_Institute_Metadata_Repository, its possible to request a ZIP archive of all RDF statements for a specific provider. However, too limit the load on the server this interface is currently protected (get in contact to get access).