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A pillar of the European CLARIN Research Infrastructure project is its Component Metadata Infrastructure (CMDI). CMDI is based on a flexible use of XML technologies, e.g., XSL and XSD, to create metadata profiles and records tailored to the specifics of a (collection of) linguistic resource(s).

In the Semantic Web (SW) and Linked (Open) Data (L(O)D) communities a cloud of resources is constructed based on RDF, also for linguistic resources (see the LLOD cloud).

The CLARIAH CMD2RDF project, which builds on the results of the CMD2RDF CLARIN-NL project, aims to offer the CLARIN CMD records as RDF thus enabling integration of these records into the (L)LOD cloud. It does so by offering 3 interfaces:

  1. a browser for the RDF representation of the CMD record collection,
  2. a RESTful interface to access the RDF representation of individual records or all the records from a CLARIN repository, and
  3. a SPARQL endpoint to query the RDF representation of the CMD record collection.

Except for maybe the browser these services are mainly interesting for a technical audience, who can build new services, including a nice user interface, on these basic services. As case studies the CMD2RDF project enriched the records with the VLO facets, which are further enriched with links to organisations in CLAVAS and language information in and DBpedia. Especially the latter two are important hubs in the (L)LOD cloud.